Powered by Wordpress, our websites can have a plethora of features and integrations that will allow your business to grow.

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Snapweb Subscription:

You can request your assigned Project manager to add any of the below features to your website:

Unlimited Revisions

You can request as many changes as you like until the design is finalized. Our team will work with you until you are fully satisfied.

Assisted Website Development

You will be assigned a Project Manager once you complete your Order Process. They will work round the clock to ensure your website is created according to your requirements.

Responsive Website

Rest assured, your website will be optimized for all screens. Includes, laptops/mobile/tab.

Assistance with E-mail Setup

Our team will assist with setting up your email account so that it works with your domain. *(Email package needs to be purchased from a reputed email provider).

Free Website Domain (Annual Subscription)

Upon selecting our Annual Subscription package, we will also provide you with a Free Standard Domain of your choice!

Photo Library

Photos from a plethora of industries to ensure that no matter the nature of your business, we’ve got stock pictures for it.

WorldClass Hosting

Our platform is built upon Amazon’s AWS cloud service, providing our customers extreme reliability and uptime even when there is a huge spike in website visitors.

Change Request

Covered Under your Snapweb subscription fee. The ability to get unlimited changes made to your site via one of our teams.

24/7 Server Uptime

We’ve always got our eyes on your website – to ensure that it never goes down and is up running 24/7.

Website Design:

You can request your assigned Project manager to add any of the below features to your website:

Photo Galleries

Get Stunning photo galleries created for your website to showcase your items/products/work that you’ve done for your clients.

Blog Section

All you need to do is share the content for your Blogs with us, and our team will create a beautiful Blog section for your website.

Events Section

Highlight events for your visitors and even receive RSVPs through the website to ensure your event receives the footfall it deserves.

On Site Animations

Add some flair to your website by requesting On Site Animations. These can be applied to both pictures/content.

Events Section

Highlight events for your visitors and even receive RSVPs through the website to ensure your event receives the footfall it deserves.

Testimonial Section

If you want to highlight some brilliant reviews that your business has received, we’ve got a variety of Testimonial sections that will do the trick for you.

Showcase Products/Services

Although Snapweb.com does not create E-Commerce websites, but we can display and sell up to 5-10 products/services. Payment for these can be received via Paypal for all Standard Orders.

Favicon Design and Integration

Free of cost. It’s a standard process for all our clienteles websites to have favicons designed of their logos.

PDF Downloads

Share files/pdfs with your visitors through your website. We can easily attach downloadable pdfs on your website.

FAQs Section

For offline assistance, you can get FAQs added to your site to help visitors navigate and answer questions that arise more often.

News/Events Slider:

Have an event or some important information you need to convey to your visitors? Get a slider added anytime to your website via our team.

Showcase and Sell Properties

As long as you can provide the content and picture for the property, we can add a Showcase section to your website to ensure all properties on Sale/Sold are revealed to your clients.


Bring your brand to the forefront by adding a preloader to your site. Even when your site is loading, your brands image will always be in front of your visitors eyes.

Request Design Change*

If you’re not happy with first draft of your website – no worries. We can get your team to do another brainstorming session, discuss new ideas for your website and ensure that you get a completely new design.

Landing page – Under Construction*

Our teams can design an Under Construction page with a timer, so that while your website is being constructed your potential visitors know when to expect your website to be live.

Connected Services:

You can request your assigned Project manager to add any of the below features to your website:

Google Calendar integrations

After you sign up with Google Calendar, you can easily get this integrated to your site via your assigned Project Manager. Can be used to showcase/rsvp/highlight upcoming events/classes.

PayPal integration

After you’ve created your Paypal account, we can integrate this to your website as well so you can receive payments from your site.(CC payments supported). You can also link your PayPal account to your bank.

Audio/Video Integrations (Youtube)

If it’s on Youtube, we can easily add it to your site as well. Youtube videos are preferred over direct video uploads as they do not hamper the speed of a website.

Google Analytics Integration

After you’re done creating a Free Google Analytics account, we can simply add this to your website as well. It will record and track the traffic/conversions/goals for that can be custom controlled by the client.

Spotify/Soundcloud integration

Get the hottest audio platforms integrated to your site. Whether you’re an artist or a record label – you’re going to need this one.

QR CODE placement on website

Have an application that you want your website visitors to install? Get a QR code added to make it easy for your visitors.

Multisite Location on Google Map

Show more than one location marked out on Google Maps on your website.


Make it easy for visitors to add your feed to their newsreader by adding a subscribe button anywhere on your website.

Domain Privacy

Not having this can lead to spam e-mails. Snapweb.com recommends all its clients to get Domain Privacy when purchasing a domain.

Sell Tickets Vendini*

Sell tickets for your events/shows by integrating your Vendini account to your website.

Online Booking via Setmore.com*

After you sign up with Setmore.com, you can get your booking/scheduling appointment tab integrated to your website.

Wordpress Compatible Integrations*

If you want to integrate a Wordpress compatible function to your site, feel free to discuss this with your assigned Project Manager.

Social Media Integration*

Social sharing is essential for new businesses today. We encourage all our clients to have their Social Media pages linked to their website.

Live Chat Integration*

Never miss out on an interaction with a website visitor. After you sign up with Tawk.to, this can be integrated to your website as well.

EcWid Store Integration*

If you need a website with a Wordpress friendly store, we can integrate your EcWid store to your website with Snapweb.com.

Google Survey Form*

Need statistics based on real time data? Integrate Google Survey forms to your website for the ultimate insights.

Stripe Payment Integration*

An advanced alternative to Paypal, Stripe integration allows clients to get custom payment forms created. Stripe can also be connected to your bank as well.


You can request your assigned Project manager to add any of the below features to your website:

Basic Website SEO

Basic Indexing to ensure your website is part of every major Search Engine’s directory. Please note, page ranking for your website depends on a variety of factors, not just Basic SEO.

Font Library

We’ve got some of the most contemporary fonts available for all industries. If you like a font, tell your Project manager, and they will get it added to your website.

Standard Service Forms

Forms comprising of 5-6 fields that can be used to capture information from interested visitors. These will be e-mailed to you on the e-mail address we have on file with us.

Captcha to prevent Spamming

Spam can be terribly annoying! But,our sites are protected via Captcha on contact forms to ensure random bot activity can be prevented.

Cross Browser Compatible

No matter what web browser your visitors are using, their website experience will remain the same.


Make your website search engine friendly by getting a sitemap(a list of pages of a website) added as well.

Affiliate Marketing Links

No restrictions – you can link any third party applications/affiliate marketing links to divert traffic from your website to them.

Content for your Website*

If you cannot provide content that will go up on your website, Snapweb.com can provide template based content that can be changed according to your business at a very nominal cost.

Custom SEO for your Website*

Snapweb.com does not specialize in Custom SEO. If our clients want specific SEO done, they may have to guide our team, and we’ll take care of it for them. One-time fee for SEO will vary upon the project.

Domain Privacy*

Not having this can lead to spam e-mails. Snapweb.com recommends all its clients to get Domain Privacy when purchasing a domain.

Connect another Domain*

Need multiple domains connected to your website? You can have as many as you like with Snapweb.com.

SSL Security(https)*

Give your website an extra layer of security with an SSL certificate. Please note, SSL certificates are required for all websites carrying out transactions.

Custom Service Forms*

To capture information from your site visitors. Our standard forms are free and up to 5-6 fields, but custom forms can also be created for clients.

Multisite Language Translation*

If you can provide the content, our team can easily create your website in multiple languages. This may vary upon the scope of work involved.